The Other Side – 1970s


“Lucky that Landlord, its closing time soon,

Nothing to do till tomorrow at noon!”,

But you and I know,

That this is not so.

What washing-up and cashing-up,

Stocking-up and locking-up,

Swabbing tables, ash-trays too,

Check that no-one left in the Loo

At midnight doing the hardest chores

After the pub has closed its doors.

When I called my “Retirement Time”

The customers’ views at once became mine,

With nothing to do, what a life I would lead,

I’d breakfast in bed, the news I would read.

Fine days I would take a stroll in the park,

Watch T.V. in the evenings dark,

But this was not to be.

No! Siree!.

You hardly have time to draw your pension

Before you are asked for support and attention

To Meals on Wheels, and other deals

At Hospital Teas show your expertise.

With so much charity work I’ve found

There’s hardly time to turn myself round.

I think I’d better “un-retire”

And go back to work.

It’s easier.


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