Speak off

Iz was one of the two class representatives from 1D for the year 1 speak offs. 

She did brilliantly. 

Isabel speak off video

We were proud parents. 


Talent Quest

Hot on the heels of sleigh bells there was a school talent quest. 

First Isabel and 4 mates had to be the class representatives. They passed this first test. 

Then their dance interpretation of Katy Perry’s “firework” went on stage in front of parents and peers. A dancing extravaganza. 

And they won!

Sleigh Bells

KS performed Sleigh Bells (Hilary Duff version) in the kindergarten Christmas concert. 

It was really good (one of the better of the 7 or 8 classes – but we are biased) and Iz had a whale of a time practising  and performing.