Royal Wedding – 1981


We’re going to the Wedding, my buddies and I,

Of Bonny Prince Charlie and the fair Lady Di,

We’re watching the whole of the magical sight

From the first Good-morning, to the last Good-night.

My room bright with flowers of red, white, and blue,

Chairs placed so that everyone has a good view,

Hearing-aids tested, specs polished high

To give the first glimpse of the sweet Lady Di.

I’ve a bottle of Plonk, the young couple to toast,

And dainties to prove I’m a fairly good host,

A Plum Cake I’ve baked, of expense I’ve been ruthless,

I’ve even provided Jam Sponge for the toothless.

See the overnight crowds with their joking and banter

The gallant young Guardsman, their horses a-canter,

The Windsors, the Spencers, guests aristocractic,

Th lofty Cathedral, serene and dramatic.

The hush there inside when along comes the Bride,

The Prince steps to meet her, they stand side by side,

The thrill of silence frompeople around,

As Heads of the Church read the service profound.

“ I Will” spoken up firm and clear like a man,

We shan’t hear the Bride, its seldom one can,

With hands joined together I’ll think of the day,

When someone took myhand in just the same way.

And so down the aisle the Bridegroom and Bride,

Eyes bright and shining, smiles wider that wide,

But we choke on “ God Bless Them” my buddies and I,

As we take up our hankies to have a good cry.

Church bells are pealing, the pigeons are wheeling,

Cannons are booming, o’erhead planes are zooming,

Charles, Heir to the Throne, with the trust it entails,

Presents his Diana, now princess of Wales.

Then home to our bedsits to put up our feet,

And back to the telly to watch the repeat,

And at bedtime with Christopher Robin to say,

“Thank You, dear God, for a wonderful day”.


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