Sydney had a massive hailstorm. 

Complete carnage and big lumps of ice – more like peas than gains of rice. But we also had a double rainbow. 

And that evening we were in Newtown for a show and the hail was still hanging around. 


First Day At School

We are all excited in our uniform.

Isabel meets her buddy and heads of to class without a second thought.

And settles in like a pro in her classroom.



And a couple of weeks later Dad has to help with rhymes for homework…

Two weeks ago in Cammeray
Isabel had her very first day
Her very first day at big school
Would it be scary, would it be cool

A new uniform, nice and smart
Brand new shoes, She looked the part
Brand new shoes, not even muddy
Straight to the hall to meet her buddy

Find the classroom, straight on in
To meet her classmates and Miss Sin
All her classmates, what a sight
Cheerio folks, see you tonight

Back to home and fall into bed
With loads of new stuff in her head
Loads of new stuff and a little snoring 
And we’ll do it all again in the morning

Dubbo Zoo

Western Plains Zoo is at Dubbo and has a great reputation so we went out west for the weekend, staying at Mudgee.
The animals were spread out (space not being at a premium out there) and you could drive or cycle around – we drove. We’ll bring bikes next time.





Isabel was very excited with Christmas coming. We all went to NZ but Isabel was confidant Santa would find us and she left instructions.

And to complete the day Isabel lost her first tooth.
Isabel had some great quality time with Nana and Grandad and we all caught up with friends and had a great time.




I even got on my bike to Maraetai.

And there was a birthday…

Narrabeen Lake

Narrabeen lake on the northern beaches of Sydney has a 9km track circling it. Well almost circling it – the final stretch to complete the loop is imminent. It is great for Isabel to home her biking skills.

All fun at the start and a break at the halfway point.

And then we retrace our steps back to the car. Another 9km. Isabel shows off her skills: sprinting up the hills; and pedalling standing up.

Maybe Santa will get her a new, bigger bike.
And the route is here.