Christmas Party

Today we had the Christmas Party with work and we all had a great time on the Merry-go-Round and the slide.  And of course we had to go on the classic Cup and Saucer ride with our friends.

Santa was there but we didn’t dare have a repeat performance of the “David Jones” moment.

And on Friday night Iz had a slumber party with her boyfriend.

Bad Santa

What a difference a year makes…

Santa’s eyesight has deteriorated…

and our little cherub went and lost the plot, dropping to 3rd in the family popularity league and in danger of relegation.

On the plus side she is being used on the website of the swimming classes she has been to.  This is mainly due to her being more interested in the camera that the swimming.

The Park

At trip to St. Leonards Park where Isabel showed her skills off.  A dicey bridge to the slide (above).

The Swing.

The Music Machine.

And in North Sydney there was a kids’ festival with some animals: goats, sheep, and some snakes but we left them alone.

Then it was home for a nap nap and a pretty impressive thunderstorm.

Serious Donner &  Blitzen – and lots of rain, dear!!


We drove up to Noosa for a holiday and met one set of olds up there and had a great time. Highlights include:

The Big Pineapple (above) where we had a Michael Jackson moment dangling Iz over the edge for the photo.

Hot Choc on Hastings street with the hoi polloi of Noosa.

Playing at the shopping centre.

Splashing in the pool.

Strolling on the boardwalk.







Isabel has taken up art. This week we painted a modern art composition with dodgy blue bits, a dollop of red and some gingery blobs – a comment on the Australian election? And we got it all over our coat.

And our new favourite TV show is “In the Night Garden” which has a character called Upsy Daisy. Izzy appears to think she is called Upsid Izzy and just says “Izzy” through the whole programme.

Our animal sound repertoire is coming along: Vow Vow (the german for woof woof!), Miow Miow, Ooh Aah, Baa Baa, Moo Moo.

We have also started feeding ourselves yogurt – so all in all it has been a week of culture!



Winter Festival

There was a winter festival near the cathedral so we walked over the bridge to check it out: ice skating (will she grow up like Nancy Kerrigan – or the one who kneecapped her?); channel 9 news; an alpine-themed beer hall.

Izzy (or Ithy as she pronounces herself) tried out her new reins – she likes them!