First Day At School

We are all excited in our uniform.

Isabel meets her buddy and heads of to class without a second thought.

And settles in like a pro in her classroom.



And a couple of weeks later Dad has to help with rhymes for homework…

Two weeks ago in Cammeray
Isabel had her very first day
Her very first day at big school
Would it be scary, would it be cool

A new uniform, nice and smart
Brand new shoes, She looked the part
Brand new shoes, not even muddy
Straight to the hall to meet her buddy

Find the classroom, straight on in
To meet her classmates and Miss Sin
All her classmates, what a sight
Cheerio folks, see you tonight

Back to home and fall into bed
With loads of new stuff in her head
Loads of new stuff and a little snoring 
And we’ll do it all again in the morning

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