I was telling folk at work we were going to see Australia’s biggest band of the last 25 years.  They were thinking ACDC or the Bee Gees but no.  We were off to the Wiggles.

Front row seats, no less, following a manic internet purchase one millisecond after it opened a few months ago.

So a weekend in Canberra it was – in a hotel with a pool so our little tadpole could get some practice in.

Iz is getting quite confident with her swimming and is happy to jump in and dive under the water to pick up her seal toys.  The hotel technically had a no jumping rule but, hey, rules are there to be broken.

So, on Sunday morning we start with a 7am swim and then get ready for the big event with a buffet breakfast.

This was Isabel’s first “event” so she was really quite daunted at the beginning and was a cute mix of excited / daunted as the big red car did a lap of the stage.

But really soon we were in the swing of things dancing around and mucking in with the other kids [pics 3 and 4] who had ditched their folks to dance in the aisles.

And the Wiggles were really nice too and posed for photos with the kids who made a special dressing-up effort and looked to be really enjoying it even after 25 years in the game.

And just as the 2 1/2 year concentration span waned it was all over and we were back in the car on the way back to Sydney (with a coffee stop in Bowral).

And the big news of the weekend.  Wags the dog appears to be a girl.


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