A night away from Sydney for a change with our little girl.  Orange is about 3 hours west of Sydney over the Blue Mountains and past Bathhurst.  Presumably Oranges were once the main crop but they must have got the pip and now the core crop are apples.  And wine.

Isabel was very excited and thought she was going in a plane for the the first hour but slowly settled and had a good night.

The next morning we hit the Farmers’ Market to buy veggies, jams and chutneys and other local delights and get to feed the animals at the little farm.  We saw rabbits, lambs, cows, goats, chickens and an asleep pig and we fed the lambs.

Then onto some quaint local villages where we acted strangely as Isabel’s toilet training resulted in several dashes back to the car – all in vain.

Lunch in the Blue Mountains which was lovely but ended with another toilet training mishap.

Back over the Blue Mountains and past the Hydro Majestic – where I watched England beat France in the 1991 World Cup – a good omen?  No.

And in case you didn’t see the classic youtube clip of Isabel and Harvey click here.

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