Rugby World Cup

New Zealand against Tonga, the opening game at the World Cup at Eden Park and we were there.

We started at the waterfront which has been done up recently and now stretches from the city, through the viaduct, and right to the other side of Victoria Park and includes trams and bars and restaurants…

After joining in with 200k people at the bottom of Queen Street we headed off to the stadium for the opening ceremony and fireworks which were spectacular and would not of been out of place at the Olympics.

60k people watched NZ sneak part Tonga and Anna even caught the first points of the World Cup on film (see right).  Then it was back to the city to see the aftermath of a 200k people party – some sore heads in the morning.

The next day I watched the other team in black beat Argentina (in the pub) and Anna went to see Japan scare France at North Harbour.

Thanks to all our friends in NZ for a great weekend.

Oh, yes, Isabel had a grand time too…

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